DO NOT eat any mushrooms on the basis of photo ID alone -- many toxic mushrooms look edible!!!

Online resources & PDFs

Mykoweb - photos and descriptions of California fungi, and lots of other information

Common Mushrooms and Other Fungi of Salt Point, California

Mushrooms of Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve (PDF) (west of Winters, CA)

50 Tips to Put More Morels in Your Basket The Mycophile Mar-Apr 2015. From midwest, but might be helpful here. (PDF)

Mushroom Observer - lots of photos and descriptions

Jackson Demonstration State Forest near Fort Bragg is a great place to look for fungi. However, you need a permit. For more info, visit their website.


Pouliot, Alison The Allure of Fungi, CSIRO Publishing, paper and eBook, 2018, $49.99. Provides an Australian perspective.

Money, Nicholas P. Fungi: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford University Press, paper, 2016, $11.95. Read review.

Siegel, N. & Schwarz, C. Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast: A Comprehensive Guide to the Fungi of Coastal Northern California Ten Speed Press (plasticized paper) $35.00 

Desjardin, D.E., Wood, M.G., & Stevens, F.A. California Mushrooms: The Comprehensive Identification Guide Timber Press. Hardcover $60 ($42 from the publisher)

The MYCOPHILE: Newsletter of the North American Mycological Association (our club is a member)

Davis, R. M., Sommer, R., & Menges, J. Field Guide to Mushrooms of Western North America, UC Press. $26.95 paper. order online

Besette, A., Beug, M. & Bessette, A.E. Ascomycete Fungi of North America A Mushroom Reference Guide, University of Texas Press. $85 ($56.95 from the publisher)

Arora, David, Mushrooms Demystified, 2nd ed., Ten Speed Press

Lincoff, Gary H., National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms, Knopf

Phillips, Roger, Mushrooms and other fungi of North America, 2nd ed., Firefly Books

Bone, Eugenia, Mycophilia: Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms, NY Times book review

Winkler, Daniel, Field Guide to Edible Mushrooms of California - pocket-sized, light-weight, laminated field guide - $7.95, available from the author (click link).

Mushrooms of the National Forest in Alaska - beautiful, very comprehensive brochure (PDF).

Mushrooms and Other Nuisance Fungi in Lawns (PDF) published by UC Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program.

Petersen, Jens H., The Kingdom of Fungi, Princeton University Press, $29.95. 

FUNGI magazine

McIlvainea: Journal of American Amateur Mycology

Mushroom: The Journal of Wild Mushrooming

Apps for iPhone or iPad

Roger's Mushrooms Pro - $4.99

Fungi - $3.99


Lost in the Light, The Story of N. Gardneri - fascinating video on luminscent Brazilian mushroom 

Taylor Lockwood's The Mushroom Identification Trilogy, DVD, $19.95

Dr. Andrew N. Miller, Mycologist, INHS University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Mycology research Importance of InvertNet and Mycology Applications of mycology research

Miscellaneous links

Interested in using a microscope? See Notes On Microscopy & How To Get Started

Nematode-destroying fungi

Mushrooms of Oceania - beautiful photos

Registry of Mushrooms in Works of Art

John Cage and fungi (download PDF)

Mushroom recipes from member Hank Shaw Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

Mushroom Watercolors by Bob Sommer, listed by name, location, and date (thanks to the late John Lennie)

BAMS Mushroom of the Month and Archives

Why Cats Like Mushrooms

Other clubs (distant)

NAMA North American Mycological Association

LAMS Los Angeles Mycological Society

Place to stay

Bed & Bread Hiouchi - a small bed and breakfast on the Smith River up by the Oregon border in the redwood, Doug fir, and tanoak forest. (Lovely spot - we've stayed there - B&B).

Commercial sites

Mushroom Stock Photo Catalog (Taylor Lockwood)

Kingdom of Fungi - Taylor Lockwood's site with books, calendars, etc.

Paul Kozal Photography, Art of the Mushroom - photography from Gualala, uses interesting scanning technique.

Morels - board game designed by a Pennsylvania-based amateur mycologist, "... teaches in about 10 minutes, plays in 30 minutes, is for 2 players, and is designed for both adults and kids.