Sacramento Area Mushroomers welcome all who are interested in things fungal -- beginners, amateurs, professionals, artists .... Annual dues are $10 per person/family - see below. We are a NAMA-affiliated club.

Before sending you specific information about our forays, we need a signed liability waiver. This is a procedure followed by many mushroom organizations. Download the waiver (or ask us to mail one to you) and follow the instructions on the form for its return (PDF or Word).

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Please take a look at the mushroom edibility guidelines.

ANNUAL DUES: $10 for individual or family. A signed waiver (see above) gets you on the e-mail list for forays and club events. Dues keeps you there (you may attend an event before paying). Write check to Sacramento Area Mushroomers
Mail to Sommer, 626 Georgetown Place, Davis, CA 95616-1822

Chair/Coordinator: Michael Sampson
Secretary/Treasurer: Barbara Sommer

Contact & Webms: Barbara Sommer

Pick the correct one or die! One is a Volvariella speciosa (new name: Vopluteus gloiocephalus) related to the Straw Mushroom the Chinese use. The other is the notorious Amanita phalloides. But which one is which? These were found growing together (Hugh Smith, 11/29/16).

Read more. And more to worry about - distiguish Matsutaki from toxic Amanita smithiana. See recent article on treating amanatoxins (PDF).