Georgetown area Foray List (4/29/17)

Coprinellus angulata (beautifully striate delicate cap, on burns; a first find for me!)
Entoloma holoconiotum (very common Plain Jane Entoloma at snow melt)
Morchella brunnea (petite brown morel w/plain stipe)
Morchella snyderi ( fat conic rounded, buttressed stipe, gets BIG!)
Gyromitra esculenta (highly toxic, looks like a reddish brain on a stem)
Cortinarius sp. (Dermocybe)
Geopyxis carbonaria (orange cups with fringed edges; ridiculously tiny cluster!)
Pholiota highlandensis (small, orange-brown burn agaric)
Pachylepyrium carbonicola (smaller, reddish-brown burn agaric with a bit of veil on the cap edge)
Sarcosphaera coronaria (crown cup, morel indicator sp.)
Calbovista subsculpta (one of two large Sierra puffballs)
Calvatia sculpta (best eating and most dramatic of our CA puffballs, and in perfect condition; passed along to a newish member)
Plicaria endocarpoides (big black cup on burns)
Floccularia albolanaripes (old but still identifiable)
Psathyrella sp.